The Wild Frontier Campground is conveniently located near many Central Florida attractions and points of interest.

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Ziplines and Canyon Tours 

"This is the tour we’re famous for!  Our professionally certified guides will lead you through a 2 ½ to 3 hour tour through a beautiful and remote natural area that few have ever seen.  We have over a mile of the highest, longest, and fasted zip lines in Florida. This amazing adventure will have your adrenaline pumping as you go zipping past the cliff sides of this one of a kind property. Lakes, cliffs, massive canyons and more…It’s the only place in Florida where all these things exist and it’s only at The Canyons Zip Line & Canopy Tours."

Silver Springs State Park 

"Located in the central and charming Ocala, Florida, Silver Springs State Park has been a natural landmark since the 1870s. As Florida’s first tourist attraction and one of the largest artesian springs in the world, the park quickly became renowned for the Glass Bottom Boat tours: guided boat rides where guests could travel around the spring on a vessel with a clear bottom in order to view life underwater. Today, visitors still enjoy the Glass Bottom Boat tours on top of the same crystal springs that have been inviting admirers for decades and sustaining a wealth of aquatic life" 

Gainesville Airport 

  • Modern, clean, well-designed 
  • Delta and American Airlines available 
  • Located near Downtown Gainesville and University of Florida.